Why should we consider using Allbook Fairs for our book fair?

It’s simple – we supply you with a broad variety of the best books, selected specifically for your school. We back up the great selection with the best customer service available. It’s your choice if you want books for gown ups, school supplies and/or gifts and games at your fair, and it’s your choice if you want commercial titles or a commercial-free book fair.

What do you mean by “selected specifically for your school”?

Every school is different, so we customize each school’s fair. Our staff starts by selecting the titles that will appeal to children in your grade ranges then adjusts the selection with feedback from you to ensure that parent, teacher and librarian insights are considered too. Once you’ve done a fair or two with us, we use your sales history to refine your selection even further. We also consider your preferences and goals, for instance some schools prefer to minimize the presence of “commercial” titles whereas others are more focused on getting the kids to buy any book that will get them reading, even if based on a TV show. Either way, just let us know.

Where do you provide book fairs?

Allbook Fairs is based in Dover, NJ and delivers fairs to locations in NJ, NY, CT and PA.

What profits will our school earn?

You may take your profit in cash or in books. Cash profits range from 15% to 25%, depending on the size of your gross revenue. Profits taken in books range from 22 1/2% to 33 1/3%. Please contact us for more specific information.

What grades do you cover with your book fairs?

We can set you up with a great selection for any and all grades between PK and High School.

How are the books displayed in the fair?

We supply cheerful red cardboard displays for setting out your selection, complete with signage for each category. These cases are the perfect height for smaller children to view the selection at eye-level but are high enough for adults to browse easily as well.

What about delivery and set up?

In most cases, two or more Allbook staff members will deliver your fair. Our drivers will bring in the displays and boxes of books, then they will set up the displays, often with the help of parent or student volunteers. Once the displays are set up, display numbers are attached, then the drivers will place the boxes of books in front of the appropriate displays. At this point, your volunteers are set to unpack the boxes and fill the displays while our staff loads the checkout program onto your computers and ensures that all of the details are in order. If you are short on help, Allbook staff can help but this must be arranged in advance of your delivery.

What can we expect during the fair?

The Allbook staff is here to help throughout your fair. You can call us during any hours that your fair is open for technical help or advice. Running low on a popular title? We will restock you as early as possible the next day. While we do our best to predict which titles will be popular and send you plenty of each, it’s hard to get that 100% right every time.

What about breakdown and pickup?

Pickup is the same as delivery but in reverse. Your volunteers will pack up the remaining inventory at the end of the fair as Allbook staff collapses the displays and wheels the packed boxes out of the school for the ride home. We will collect the scanning program files from your computers unless you have already taken care of it.

How many books will be in our fair?

Just as your selection is customized, so is the quantity sent. We have learned over time that a successful fair should receive two to three times the number of books that are expected to sell, and we always provide extra copies of the titles we know to be especially popular. We are acutely aware that we share a goal of maximizing book fair sales, and you can count on us to send you the right number of books for your population.

How many days do fairs run?

Successful fairs are not determined by the days they last, but by the excitement built up about the fair. We have experience with schools that sell in excess of $35,000 in one day and other that sell under $10,000 in a week. Three to four days is a typical duration to ensure that all students have a chance to participate. This also allows the opportunity for us to restock your fair.

How can we be sure to have a successful fair?

The key to a successful fair is publicity and ensuring that all students have time set aside during school hours to peruse the fair. Evening events to involve parents and tie-ins with fun events (Ice Cream Social, Author Visits, etc.) are sure-fire ways to improve your results. If you have a theme for your event, please let us know so we are sure to support your theme any way we can. Engaging teachers and librarians in the planning stages of the fair can also help boost enthusiasm.

What about author events, required reading, or summer reading lists?

Allbook offers multiple options for author events, summer reading and required reading. Please call for more information.

I have a fair scheduled with a vendor who may not provide the quality of fair that my school deserves. What can I do?

We have experience with two schools that had trepidations about book fairs they were expecting. Both schools were able to cancel the fair with the vendor they had booked, and successfully switch vendors. Do you think your current vendor may disappoint your school? We can help, just ask.

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