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Every Allbook Fair is a PREMIUM Fair

We bring you an unparalleled selection of the best titles. The entire Allbook line is updated each season, and then we hand-pick your school’s fair specifically for you. You can be sure of getting not only a fabulous selection of the latest books, but one that is appropriate for your school.

Every Allbook Fair is a CUSTOM Fair

Our buyer custom-selects the books we send to your school ensuring that inventory is appropriate and interesting for your students and families. The line is hand-selected each season and replenished frequently so that the top-selling books go to every Allbook fair. We retain your sales records and use that information to refine the selection for your next fair.

Great Selection

Our greatest pride is in bringing the best books, both new and classic, to all of our fairs. We ensure excellent balance by selecting our line from a multitude of publishers. In addition to the robust line of children’s books for Pre-K through Young Adult, we offer a full line of educational gifts and games, activities books and school supplies as well as the latest in adult titles. Hot new upcoming releases may also be available for pre-purchase, adding great revenue potential to your fair.

Successful Fundraising

Allbook offers great commissions to each of our 150+ book fair customers; up to 25%. The more you make, the more you keep! We also offer year-round discounts for teachers and librarians . Year-round fundraising opportunities are available via our website – your customers can visit the site at any time of year to order books adding to your book fair profits. This website is an invaluable asset, available exclusively for Allbook customers. You can see you school’s summer reading list, download fliers and handouts, browse or shop our full inventory, and much more.

Customer Service

Our customers are our business. Customer service at Allbook is second to none. Your call to Allbook Customer Service is answered by a member of our team who is knowledgeable about your needs and will help in any way possible. Support is available during all hours that your fair is running—evening events included. Restocking is provided as needed. Call in your requests, email or use a scanning app on your phone to place requests. Special orders are handled quickly and with care, and new release pre-orders are shipped the same day they are released.


Allbook Fairs was the first to introduce easy barcode scanning, making checkout easier, quicker and more accurate. We can customize your scanning program to fit your specific needs. Allbook also offers outstanding technology which enables us to provide customers with a detailed report listing all inventory received, the quantities received, and where each item can be found in the displays. We are constantly striving to anticipate new trends and stay ahead of the competition.

Want More Info?

Call (908) 542-0366 Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm to speak to a knowledgeable team member. If evenings or weekends work better for you, just leave a message or send an email ( info@allbookfairs.com) with your number and best time to call.

Phone: 908-542-0366           Fax: 973-361-0016           Email: info@allbookfairs.com